We specialize in instructing beginner anglers.  Wolf Creek Anglers has a private lease where we will take you and instruct you in the basics of flyfishing. 

You can expect to learn to cast, basic rigging techniques, entomology as it applies to fly fishing, and if all goes well you will learn to fight, land, and release a fish.

You will have the undivided attention of your guide during your lesson.  The emphasis of this trip will be to introduce you to flyfishing.

All equipment will be provided with the cost of your trip. 

Trips are two and a half hours long.  You can expect to spend some solid time fishing while you learn.

The private property you will be fishing is an exclusive lease held by Wolf Creek Anglers. The beginner trips are conducted out of our South Fork Shop.

Cost of the trip will be $135/angler.  Click here to book your trip.