Brad Shallenberger-Owner/Guide

Some of my first memories are of fishing.  A fly rod was stuck in my hands about the time I took my first steps.  As a youngster I spent many days chasing trout in the White Mountains of Arizona.  Over the years I wandered Arizona’s trout waters and got to know them.  I got my first guiding job while I was working and living in Park City, UT.  I spent my winters on the slopes and my summers guiding anglers on the Weber and Provo.  I was in college in Flagstaff, Arizona, when I got an offer to guide full time at Lees Ferry for Marble Canyon Outfitters.  I took the offer and never looked back.  After 9/11 the fishery at Lees Ferry was in rough shape.  I started working summers in Montana for Hubbards Yellowstone Lodge.  I instructed their guide training courses and took their anglers to the waters in and around Yellowstone.  During this time period I continued to work at Lees Ferry in the winters and spring for Lees Ferry Anglers and Terry and Wendy Gunn.  With the birth of my daughter, Bailee, I went to work for Wolf Creek Anglers during the summer months so I could be close to home. When Wolf Creek Anglers went up for sale I jumped on the opportunity.  I look forward to working with the many wonderful returning guides/staff and introducing some of the great folks I’ve worked with in the past to Wolf Creek Anglers.  We are very, very excited for the 2017 season.

Aaron Horrocks - Guide

I am truly lucky to be a local guide here on the Rio Grande and San Juan rivers.  I have been a living in South Fork for ten years and have been able to spend most (Nikki my wife would say all) of the warm months on the Rio Grande.  I am lucky enough to be able to guide and play on this watershed.  I have found in my travels that South Fork is a wonderful place to be and enjoy sharing that beauty with my family, friends, and clients.  This river, its fish, and anglers have all become a huge part of my life.  I look forward to working with new clients and seeing the many friends I have made return to fish with me again.

Adam Skladzien - Guide

I grew up in Kansas fishing for bass and catfish but would often take family vacations to Colorado in the summers. I fell in love with Colorado's beautiful mountains, streams, and rivers. Soon after graduating high school I made my way to Colorado to guide whitewater on the Arkansas river. This provided me with the opportunity to fish browns canyon and many other streams and rivers in Colorado. I fell in love with fly fishing because it incorporated my love for boating as well as fishing. There is nothing more fun to me then seeing that trout rise, setting the hook, and appreciating the trouts beauty and fight. One of the main perks of fly fishing is that it provides the opportunity to enjoy and constantly learn about nature. Trout live in some of the most amazing habitats. It also provides time to relax, solve problems, and spend time with good people. I am excited to guide on the great rivers of southwest Colorado this season. I love living in South Fork and I am eager to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for fly fishing with others as well as learn from some of the best here at Wolf Creek Anglers.